wehhh.. webcomic with a loser elf protagonist.
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page 6

I used screen tones for the first time on page 6! O_O i am quite scared by the way it turned out! it's awful! i need more practice with this thing. *sigh* but then i really like how the background turned out. *pats self on the back* at least something worked eh?

anyway i saw that a lot of comics out there have a schedule for updating. for eg every mon and wed. i wish i could but i really think i wont stick to it in the end. it's already amazing that i have 6 pages now (and more coming! i have already sketched them out) considering i dun really have a solid storyline.

a friend saw my comic! im so happy!


woot woot! i have finally found an easy way to upload my comics! screw wordpress!

im so happy i've uploaded 5 pages already. i have 2 more pages that needs some editing before i upload.

*starts dancing*

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